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Hume House currently has some great accessibility features which we are building on to enable greater inclusion.  Overall, the house offers great inclusive features such as wide hallway, large living area’s – internal and external, bathrooms and main-bedroom.


Guest Entrance and Doors

Hume House's door widths are <80cm - so workable for most devices and we have a ramp.  We are however working on purchasing a compliant rubber ramp.

The entry to amazing deck has the widest practical opening.   We currently do not have threshold ramps but are working on this.

Accessible Parking Spot

HuHume House has a private driveway that meets the 3.3m wide with room to spare.  We have a large smooth surfaced concrete area that is close to the house that complies with the NDIS SDA guidelines


Main Hallway

OurOur main hallway is very accessible at 1m wide.   We hope that this allows an easier straight travel and turning into doorways easier too.

Step Free Bedroom and
Step Free Bathroom Entrance

We have a step free bedroom that can be achieved safely with no discernible change in height or smoothness from one floor surface to the next.

We also have a step free bathroom entrance.  Additional accessibility is provided with a pivot/circulation space of >1.5m x 1.5m.

The basin is not roll under but may be accessed by some people in a wheelchair by opening cupboard.

We have a flick-mixer tap however are in the process of looking in to a longer handled flicker.


Shower Chair and Toilet Frame 
Shower Grab Bar-Fixed for Weight Bearing

A free-standing shower chair and toilet frame are available upon request. 

We have a shower grab bar-fixed for weight bearing.  Additionally we have a shower rail slider with 2 water heads, 1 height adjustable.  The entry space to the shower is 80cm and width of 89cm.  


Under Bed Clearance and Circulation

Circulation width around bed is clear and a good width.


The under bed clearance is 10cm.  Should you require bed risers for your stay, please discuss with us.


Comprehensive Floor Plan with Dimensions


Comprehensive Floor Plan with Furniture

Hume House Floor Plan - Marked Up.png
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